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Casagrande Shines In The Market For Experience And Professionalism

Casagrande shines in the market for experience and professionalism

Founded in the production area on the slopes of Assisi, Casagrande S.r.l. is a company highly specialised in the development and final production of precision mechanical machining. Thanks to the experience and professionalism gained over the years, it is now able to offer high quality products destined for a niche international market. “Feeling Italian, for us, also means exporting abroad (mainly to Germany) absolutely perfect products and making an Italian company a synonym of precision and reliability for the strict German industry,” says Mauro Casagrande, President of an all-Italian excellence that in recent years has experienced rapid expansion in terms of both workforce and business and turnover, in this lengthy interview.

by Roberta Imbimbo

Casagrande, tell us a little about your company.
Telling us about my company means going back over 40 years of experience and great satisfaction. Casagrande started out as a small manufacturer of PVC moulds and fittings. As the years went by, however, the company specialised in precision machining, turning, milling, and reaming of parts and began to successfully explore other strategic markets, such as the automotive, hydraulics, sports, hunting, and civil armoury sectors, and lastly the biomedical sector. Today, Casagrande SRL is a reality operating on the national and international territory, with a team of highly qualified professionals, 5 M.C.M. machining centres, a turning department with 3 machining centres, a milling department with 3 machining centres, a metrology room to keep the entire production under control, a technical office for the design of all our equipment and order management. Thanks to the quality of the solutions offered, the punctuality of deliveries, substantial investments in cutting-edge technology and the ability to innovate by anticipating future trends, over the years we have managed to significantly increase our customer base and penetrate significant market shares.

What are the peculiarities that distinguish you from your competitors?
Operating in a niche market, where there is a demand that is still not fully satisfied by the competition, Casagrande has been able to contextualise its offer and develop exclusive and distinctive skills that enable it to adequately respond to any type of requirement, in terms of production, processing and recovery (the issue of environmental sustainability is very dear to us). Thanks to the professionalism and experience gained over many years of activity, and nonetheless to the continuous improvement of production quality, it is today able to generate a lasting competitive advantage for its customers, offering them highly efficient and innovative solutions, qualitatively superior to those offered by other market players; technologically performing solutions that allow it to support a wide window of applications. More. With the acquisition of M.C.M. Spa machining centres (a leading manufacturer of numerical control machines for high-precision mechanical machining), Casagrande has boosted the productivity of medium and large series. Specifically, it has created a technical department aimed at designing highly innovative equipment to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market. In conclusion, despite the extraordinary achievements to date, the company aims to meet the challenges of the coming years in international markets. These include asserting its leadership in relatively new sectors such as biomedical and aeronautics.


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